What is FFRREdit

The Firefox Resource Repository (FFRR) was a place where users liked you could submit/see Firefox materials as well as receive friendly support in a simple no-frills website. From jazzy screensavers to funny images, FFRR was designed to support Firefox and encourage people to make the switch.

About FFRR 2.0 BetaEdit

FFRR 2 was the official version 2 of the site. It contained many revisions to the original design, including graphically pleasing interfaces (interchangable skins), integrated forum, and image gallery for dealing with resource submissions on a larger scale. FFRR also sported a relatively simpler interface than most professional Mozilla tools.


The Firefox Resource Repository was created by Billy Eakkachaichanvet during the aftermath of the 'IE7, Fox cloning, and the Apocalypse' blog. The buttons he created that were posted on this blog ended up being used among some people, and the resource was born.

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