Slide show presentations are a good way to inform a group of people about Mozilla products, including Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird and the Mozilla Suite. This page will track and document community projects for the creation of such material.

Discover Firefox tour Edit

The Discover Firefox tour was originally created by Daniel Wang to introduce new users to the many features of Firefox. It uses Eric Meyer's S5.

This slide show is intended to give a self guided tour of the features and benefits of Firefox. The slides in Discover Firefox are required to be self explanitory, as they may not (unlike Firefox S5) have a presenter speaking any additional information.

Firefox S5 Edit

Firefox S5 is a community project on Spread Firefox started by Lachlan Hunt to create a Firefox presentation slide show using Eric Meyer's S5 (A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System).

This slide show is intended for use by presenters speaking to an audience. The aim is to include as many useful slides as possible, each aimed at specific target audiences from which the presenter may select the most appropriate for their needs. As a result, these slides do not need to be entirely self-explanitory (unlike the Discover Firefox tour) because the presenter will be speaking additional information.