Mozilla-tan, a subset of OS-tan, is the personification of the Mozilla Foundation's creations Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Firefox-tan[edit | edit source]

Firefox-tan image

Aka Firefox-ko. A personification of the browser Mozilla Firefox. Little is known about this character, but she's portrayed as a red foxgirl, in a shinto priestess outfit. Its color set and design resemble that of the Firefox logo. Variants include 九尾狐, an imaginary fox-like creature that has 9 tails.

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Thunderbird-tan[edit | edit source]

Thunderbird-tan image

Aka Thunderbird-ko. A personification of the mail and news client Mozilla Thunderbird. She is the best friend of Firefox-tan. She dresses like a telephone operator, carries a keyboard/monitor, and sometimes holds a letter in her hands.

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