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Mozilla Materials (MozMat) is the place for all official marketing assets (in draft or final status) with links to unofficial marketing assets (or other Mozilla materials, such as wallpapers or screensavers).


To help, just check out the pages in the MozMat project and add any other materials you have come across. To see a current list, check out the Mozilla Materials category. As any page with the line [[Category:Mozilla Materials]] is listed, this page is automatically updated whenever someone adds a new MozMat page. If there is a sub-category, such as Category:Standardized Letters, it will also show up there and have its own list of items. Although there is a list of members below, you do not have to be a member to help.



  • me at work - Founder, Head "Static FoxMat" designer, Wikimaniac
  • LouCypher - Lead: FF & TB Materials
  • Dasch - Lead: Standardized Letters
  • Raiph - Lead: Press