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(on Flickr) by factoryjoe - Firefox 'condom' logo in pocket poster (1.4MB)


  • Flyers in the Mozilla Community Wiki


  • Eurostile Extended, MozillaPL Logo Font by Aldo Novarese
  • FF Meta, Mozilla Font from 2004 until 2012 by Erik Spiekermann of FontFont
  • FiraGO, International Variant of Fira Sans by bBox Type, Carrois Corporate GbR and HERE Europe B.V.
  • Fira Sans (Feura Sans), Firefox OS, Firefox Logo Font for version 30 through 69 and Mozilla Font from 2013 until 2016 by Erik Spiekermann, Ralph du Carrois, Anja Meiners, Botio Nikoltchev et al.
  • Georgia (Georgia Pro), Mozilla Body Font for websites from 2011 until 2014 by Matthew Carter
  • Inter, Mozilla Body Font for websites since 2019 by Rasmus Andersson
  • Metropolis, Mozilla Heading Font for websites by Chris Simpson
  • Nunito Sans, Mozilla Foundation Body Font by Vernon Adams
  • Open Sans, Mozilla Body Font for websites until 2019 by Steve Matteson
  • Sharp Sans, Firefox Logo Font for version 70 & above
  • Trebuchet, Mozilla Body Font for websites by Vincent Connare
  • Univers Condensed Bold, Logo Font by Adrian Frutiger
  • Verdana (Verdana Pro), Mozilla Body Font for websites from 2004 until 2010 by Matthew Carter
  • Zilla Slab, Official Mozilla Font since 2017 by Peter Biľak and Nikola Djurek of Typotheque

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